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The Late W/Bro William Simpson
Worshipful District Master
onBallymena District No 8 1975-76
The Lodge is based in the area known locally as "Gillianstown" part of the larger townland of Galgorm Parks, Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

We are members of Ballymena District L.O.L No 8, which has 29 working Lodges. In turn Ballymena District Lodge comes under the auspices of County Antrim Grand Lodge made up of 23 District Lodges throughout County Antrim.

The exact date of the formation of the Lodge is unknown, but it is conceivable that Orange Associations were taking place in the neighbouring townlands of Laymore, Carniney and Galgorm Parks in the early 1800s.

It has been acknowledged that these Orange Associations were most likely the forerunner of the Lodge as it is today.

Warrant Number 507 can be traced back to the inception of the Orange Order in 1798. The Warrant was first issued to a Lodge in Dublin in 1798. Records show the Warrant travelled to Ballymena in 1825, and then on to Cullion near Strabane in 1835.

In May 1851 Warrant No 507 was taken out by Galgorm Parks where it has remained to the present day.

In the year 1906 the Lodge opened a new Orange Hall in the townland of Gillianstown, Galgorm Parks Ballymena, which has become a permanent meeting place for Members ever since. Prior to 1906 the Lodge sat in a barn belonging to a Mrs Mary Ann Magill also in a room rented from Mr McBride. In the early years meetings were usually held in the homes of the then Worshipful Masters.

During the Twentieth Century the Lodge proudly hosted the Annual Battle of the Boyne Twelfth of July celebrations in the years 1906, 1956, 1981 and more recently in 2004.

Today the Lodge draws its members from all walks of life, and many Brethren down the years have also held office in superior District and County Lodges. The late Worshipful Brother William Simpson was District Master of Ballymena 1975 -1976, and Brother Rev James Clarke is currently Deputy Grand Chaplain of County Antrim.

A popular feature in the Lodge down the years is the music of the Lambeg Drum. The sound of these huge Drums can be heard for miles around.

The Parks has become closely identified with the special rhythms and style of drumming known as "time drumming".

This particular type of drumming was championed in the 1960's by Robert Cameron, William Lorimer and Harry Perry. This laid the foundations for Galgorm Parks Fife and Drum Club, who carry on the fine traditions of both Lambeg and also Fifing music.