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Members of Ballymena District Lodge No 8
St Patrick Commemoration Parade and Service
The Annual Saint Patrick's Orange Commemoration Parade and Service took place in Ballymena on Saturday 17 March 2018. Brethren, Sisters, Members of Junior Lodge and Bandsmen had to contend with a snow flurry and a biting cold wind as the parade set off from Galgorm Road.

St Patrick's Day "Ballymena style" Bros Ivan Wylie and David McConaghie

Despite the wind chill a good turnout of both marchers and spectators as the Parade made its way through the Town to St Patrick's Parish Church. The Service was conducted by the Rev Mark McConnell with the collection split between local charities Ballee Visually Impaired Club and the Grand Royal Arch Purple Chapter.

The Parade on Church Street

Hosting the parade was local Lodge St Patrick's Church Temperance L.O.L. 1123. Many of the brethren and sisters on parade sported the shamrocks on their collarets on a day when St Patrick should be commemorated for bring Christianity to this Island. Bands on parade included Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster, Pride of the Maine, Craigwarren Flute Band, North Ballymena Protestant Boys, Sir George White Flute Band and Ahoghill Loyal Sons of Ulster.

Bros Hubert Scullion, Matthew Warwick, Norman Montgomery and Rev J.J. Andrews

The Mid Antrim area is said to be closely associated with Patrick himself originally named Maewyn Succat. As legend goes he was apparently taken captive after a raid from the neighbouring island. He found himself herding cattle on the slopes of Mount Slemish County Antrim. It was at this time Patrick's faith in God become so strong he prayed a hundred prayers a day. When he returned to Ireland after escaping from his captors one of the first Churches Patrick established was close to Skerry Graveyard in the shadows of Slemish Mountain.

Michael Thompson, John Ballintine and Jimmy Millar members of Galgorm Parks L.O.L. 507

Even the dogs on parade were well wrapped up

Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster

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