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Members of Ballymena District Lodge No 8
The 326th Anniversary of the
Battle of the Boyne

Galgorm Parks Temperance Loyal Orange Lodge No 507, led by Worshipful Master Bro Steven Lowry, attended the 326th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne at the Twelfth of July Demonstration in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The host Lodge this year was St Patrick's Church Temperance L.O.L. 1123 who, for the first time held the demonstration in the Peoples Park, Doury Road, Ballymena. One of the privileges as host Lodge apart from leading the parade is to select the Demonstration field.

The 29 Lodges of the District paraded from Wakehurst Road to the field at Peoples Park. Again regular visitors taking part in this year's Demonstration was Whinhall True Blues from Airdrie, Scotland who accompanied Ballykeel L.O.L.472. Also making their debut appearance at the Ballymena Demonstration was new band, North Ballymena Protestant Boys who accompanied Connor L.O.L. 555. This year the Brethren and Sisters paraded under the New Orange Arch in Salisbury Square for the first time

At the Field speakers on the platform included Magnus Bain, Past Grand Master of Scotland and County Antrim Grand Master William R Matthews. As this is the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme the Poppy was in evident in most lodges and bands.

See our very own Twelfth Picture Special on our Instagram page, also later edition on Facebook.

Message from the County Antrim Grand Master
"Dear friends of Galgorm Parks Temperance L.O.L. 507
May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Grand Orange Lodge of Co Antrim to wish you and all Brethren, Sisters, Juniors, Band Members, Fifers and Drummers every success on Tuesday 12th July as we join to commemorate and celebrate the 326th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.

I would also extend a very warm welcome to others who are joining with us from other jurisdictions. Let us remember what our Institution stands for and join in the Religious Service at our Platforms.

We would also remember the Brethren of our Order who fought at the Somme many of whom paid the Supreme Sacrifice on this the 100th Anniversary year. We would also remember others who fought in other Wars including the Troubles in our own Province.

Wishing you all and our friends who support us a very peaceful, happy and Glorious Twelfth.

Yours Fraternally
William R. Matthews C.G.M."

The Historic Drums
As a lambeg drumming Lodge the residents of Galgorm Parks and surrounding area of Ballymena are well used to hearing the sound of the drums at this time of year.

But what is the history behind these huge drums?

One of the drums used in today parade dates back to 1910 with the other drums made shortly after this. Weighing in at approximately 45lbs they rank among the heaviest drums in Ballymena and most of "The Parks Drummers" will certainly testify to that.

The work that goes into pulling a drum up to the correct pitch and sound would have to be seen to be believed. Hours of pulling followed by drumming the drums back down is repeated over and over again to finally arrive at the point where the drum gives the best tone.

Ready for the big day The Parks Drums

What Does Orangeism Stand For Today?
The Orange Order is fundamentally a Christian Organisation committed to the cause of Civil and Religious Liberty for all. To learn more visit the Grand Lodge of Ireland's website and read about what Orangeism stands for today.

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If so, you could find the experience very rewarding ---- not only educationally, but it will open up a whole new social life which will give you the chance to meet Brethren locally and further afield.

If you are 17 or over and in good standing and would like to become part of a Worldwide Protestant Organisation then contact a Loyal Orange Lodge in your area or us and we will put you in touch with a Lodge of your choosing.

For a friendly and informative chat on how to start the process of application for Membership please contact us today. Another New Member will maintain the strength and unity within our culture and believes.

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