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Members of Ballymena District Lodge No 8
The 327th Anniversary of the
Battle of the Boyne

The biggest day in the parading calendar was enjoyed by huge numbers of spectators, including tourists and holidaymakers. On a glorious day, the wider Orange and Unionist family once again enjoyed the pageantry and fraternity of our annual Battle of the Boyne celebrations.

In Ballymena where the Twelfth parade is held every year, the pride of hosting the Demonstration this year went to Ferniskey L.O.L. 115. The 30 Lodges of the District paraded from Wakehurst Road to the field at Peoples Park. Again regular visitors taking part in this year's Demonstration was Whinhall True Blues from Airdrie, Scotland who accompanied Ballykeel L.O.L.472. Also making their debut appearance at the Ballymena Demonstration was newly formed band, Ballymena Protestant Boys Band who accompanied Cromkill L.O.L. 543.

This year Galgorm Parks Temperance Loyal Orange Lodge No 507 has a new Worshipful Master Bro David Lynn, and also a new Deputy Master Andrew Willans. Drumming with the Lodge for the first time was 13 year old Alex Hamill grandson of Bro John Murray himself an accomplished drummer. Bro Lynn addressing the Lodge on the Twelfth morning reminded the Brethren that this year marked the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and its association with Martin Luther.

At the Field speakers on the platform included Bro Jim McHarg Grand Master of Scotland and Past Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Ireland Robert Saulters. The religious service at the field was conducted by Bro Rev Ian McClean a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

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What Does Orangeism Stand For Today?
The Orange Order is fundamentally a Christian Organisation committed to the cause of Civil and Religious Liberty for all. To learn more visit the Grand Lodge of Ireland's website and read about what Orangeism stands for today.

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If you are 17 or over and in good standing and would like to become part of a Worldwide Protestant Organisation then contact a Loyal Orange Lodge in your area or us and we will put you in touch with a Lodge of your choosing.

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